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Every Minute will change your life forever. The tools in this book will help you learn to control your emotions and enter into the next phase of your life where you can finally decide how you feel and what you do about it!

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What is EVERY MINUTE all about??
I believe we are responsible for our emotions. No One and No Thing can make us feel anything.  If we have a bad day, we allowed it to be that way.  If we have a great day, we deserve the credit!  
We expect constant upgrades to everything we use in our world...our phones, cars, and even our refrigerators. Why then has it not been made a priority that we consistently upgrade the most important tool we use everyday? Our SOUL! Our society dances around the subject of emotional mastery from a young age even though we have so much more knowledge in today's world. At best our education system is still teaching outdated methods of emotional education, if any are being taught at all. It's time for a change. It's time for an upgrade to our emotional education. It's time that we become emotional masters!
+Every Minute will help you find your passion
+Every Minute will show you how you have control of your emotions

+Every Minute will teach you how to do your emotions 

Check Out What Others Are Saying About The New
Heidi Burns 

"So You Think You Can Dance Finalist"

Working with Michael and learning about all the different ways I can enhance my performance and mentality has helped me as a competitor, performer, coach, and business professional. From dancing in various television shows, winning US and World Championships, training World Champions and traveling throughout the world Certain key phrases like:

             “What you focus on is what you get”
             “All I need is within me now”
             “If I could dance this any way, how would I dance it?”

Have stuck in my heart and brain for the past 15 years and have been at the core of mine and others successes! Basically, it’s impossible not to achieve greatness when applying and activating these magical peak performance principles. This book will change your life for sure!
-Heidi Burns

Lindsay Barney

Working with Michael was more than just becoming a technical dancer and competing against the best. Although those became important aspects of our training, it was much more about passion, work ethic, and heart. We were taught to use every ounce of energy we had to portray a message to the audience. We were taught to control our breathing and mind to create a space for unparalleled movement. Without our minds and bodies being one, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve the success that we had and still have. Without Michael, I wouldn’t have become the person I am. He taught me to push myself until I can’t possibly push anymore. He taught me passion and heart. He taught me to love what I do and to do it with my whole heart. In every aspect of my life his teachings have been applicable and important. It was never just about dancing. It was about being the best version of yourself and sharing it with the world. 

Braden Liu

When I was growing up, I always thought that the less I showed my emotions the more in control I was of myself. People would say things like, “you act like a robot,” and would see it as a compliment. As I grew older, I realized that living without emotion isn’t really living at all. Every Minute has exactly what I was always searching for in my life. The keys to emotional mastery contained in this book have changed my life forever. In a world that constantly tries to manipulate people’s emotions to their will, I have learned how to break free and live my life the way I choose to.
Kimberly Reynolds
Michael’s program is in my opinion the best there is. As a dancer going through his program I learned as much about creating myself as a person as I did a dancer. My favorite lessons were the ones that we could relate to life. How to control our emotions and use them to our advantage rather than becoming subject to them. How to work with and interact with people in an array of situations. How to be self driven and work hard to be the best version of yourself. How to be a gracious winner as well as a gracious loser. These are just a few of the aspects that I learned from Michael. What is amazing about his program is that you get as much out of it as you are willing to put in. If you are truly looking to improve your life and your character as a person then you can see daily improvements by following his guidance. Whether you are a dancer, soccer player, singer, or just wanting to improve your everyday life, Michael can help you achieve far more by helping you to create and sculpt yourself to the person you want to be. I am forever grateful and forever in debt to Michael and his program for helping me find who I am and what I can be. 
AJ Heaps
Few people have been more influential in directing the course of my life than Michael Johnson. That's a big statement, seeing when I first met him back in 2010, he was merely my ballroom dance coach. But Michael, I quickly learned, was teaching me more than dance, he was teaching formulas for successful living and finding personal fulfillment. For example, one of his mottoes was "Devotion to the Emotion creates Motion". Poor ol' me was dancing from an engineer's background and was using logical principles to generate movement, and turn that movement into musical expression. You can imagine his frustration when week after week, he drilled this analytic to find emotion as the means of creation, and week after week I resisted. I don't know when that switch flipped, but somewhere along the line, that little seed he planted took root, and grew, and changed my dancing. And changed me. I started shaping my life around that principle⁠—that dedication to emotion⁠—and watched as the years of personal under-fulfillment and social isolation began to melt away and be replaced with something rich, and vibrant, and beautiful. I've since dedicated wholly to emotion, and the motion of life has fallen into place like it never has in the 20 some-odd years prior. I've since moved away, but I still have that quote engraved on my wallet as a reminder of what life is truly about, and a reminder of the myriad of other lessons Michael taught me through the years. So when I say Michael has been one of the most influential persons in my life, I mean it⁠—what started out as me looking to improve my dancing, turned into me improving my life for the better.
Aaron and Katelyn 
"Ballroom Dance Professionals"
"...He taught us the attitude, the mindset, the emotional training, and that's what gave us the "IT" factor that we needed. The next year we placed 3rd at nationals and went on to compete professionally..." 
"He didn't just give us the steps and the technique, but he also gave us the mindset and the attitude and the emotional training, and just believed in us when no one else did."
We've seen success as parents, in the workplace, in school, and it's made a huge difference in our lives. 
Check out what Aaron and Katelyn had to say...
Find out for yourself...
Every Minute Has Already Helped So Many People...
The Question Is, Are YOU Next?
 Here Are A Few Things That You'll Find Inside Every Minute...
  • The Importance of Emotional Mastery...
  • The actual story of the Dance of Life...
  • The Ideal method to make any change in your life...
  • How to DO your emotions on purpose and not let the world do them for you...
  • What the Three Phases of Mastery are that all Champions use...
  • What anchors are and how you can use them to your advantage...
  • How to use modalities and submodalities in your every day life...
  • How to use the New CRAYONS Process to do your emotions on purpose...
  • What the Roadmap is that will guide you to a better life with emotional control
  • How to apply the Triangle of change to your life today with massive success...
  • How to live EVERY Minute without getting stuck in the past or dazed about the future...
Check Out What Others Are Already Saying About The New Every Minute book!
"His book is another resource that I'm going to use to help me reach my potential and really gain mastery over my emotions" 
"I know his book will touch the lives of many."
Don't Miss Out This Offer Won't Last Long...
Michael has a talent for understanding people and helping them achieve their goals. He has helped me win national championships in ballroom dance. His advice to me has been priceless. 
Joseph Nugent 
Kyla Liu
His knowledge and experience in emotional mastery and coaching has helped me better understand my emotions and how to make them work for me rather than against me. He is attentive to the needs of those around him and always has a way of putting a smile on your face with his jokes. Michael has been an important mentor in my life and one that is always pursuing his dreams, putting in the time and work to see those dreams become a reality, and refusing to quit when the times get hard. He is a good example to me in many aspects of my life and I am grateful to be taught by and to work along side him. 

Adam Coker

Michael has taught me so many incredible life lessons and skills in the time I’ve known him. This book contains much of that knowledge that I’ve gained from him. I have become a better human being, more capable of living life to its fullest because of what he has done for me. The emotional mastery that he teaches is life changing. We can decide how we want to feel, and therefore take control of our emotions and our lives. And I have found me peak over and over again with Michael. Each time I reach my own peak state, another peak rises up, and Michael’s teachings assist me in attaining a new, greater peak state. I highly recommend reading this book, and actually doing what it says. He is an incredible man, and one of my greatest mentors and friends. 

Nicole Stolle

I met Michael at a very pivotal point of my life. I had just left home and started college. When I think of one of the most emotionally challenging times of my life, this period stands out. I hadn’t decided on a major in school, or on a direction for my life, but I did know I wanted to dance. What I didn’t know, was that when I began training with Michael, I was getting much more than a dance coach. Michael was a mentor, friend, supporter and confidant. He took the time to learn my story. He knew and cared about the loss I had experienced, the anxiety and uncertainty I felt in the future, and the desire I had to succeed. Michael was instrumental in crafting me into a successful, well trained dancer. But honestly, that is one of the least important things that he did for me. More importantly, He taught me how to funnel my emotions into art, beauty, and passion. He taught me how to take what I had mastered and trust in it, instead of letting expectations and stress destruct the work I had done. I have since moved on from dance and into a different career. However, I can relate many of my current assets and strengths in the workplace to lessons I learned as an 18 year old ballroom dancer under the direction of Michael Johnson. 

Colton Getter

I coached with Michael Johnson for about 5 years when I was in junior high and high school. Michael was much more to me than a dance coach, he was also a life coach. At such a critical period in my life, he helped me understand more about myself and feel a sense of confidence and self-love that I had never felt before. He helped me sort through my emotions and taught me that no matter what happens to me in life, I am in control of my emotions and how I react. I've kept what he taught with me all these years since I coached with Michael, and I can't thank him enough! 

Ruth Trimble

Over the years, Michael didn't only teach me techniques, but he has worked with me and helped me find my inner voice and put it into my dancing. He also taught me how to keep my head in the game while the world is spinning around me. I would never have gotten to this point of my dancing career without him!
"He taught me that emotional stamina is just as important, if not slightly more important than physical stamina."
Jordan Becker
Actor, Vocalist, Dancer
"I think of the philosophy's he instilled in me as far as making sure that I'm emotionally healthy not just physically healthy..."
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Michael A. Johnson
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